Where they will land, nobody knows ... for heaven and earthbound stars ...
destination unknown.


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We Need You!

The success of Shooting Stars depends on fundraisers and other unguaranteed sources of income.

Each year, in July, Shooting Stars hosts the Annual Shooting Stars Walk/Run Benefit. The walk/run takes place at the Cumberland Middle School with a pancake breakfast to start the day. A 2-mile walk or 5k run follows. This event is important to the mission of Shooting Stars.


Each emergency bag we provide costs $50.00 to produce. If you are unable to join us for the fundraiser, donations are always welcome.


Donations can be made anytime!

Or please mail to:
Shooting Stars
PO BOX 392
Cumberland, WI 54829

All donations are tax deductible.
They can be in memory or in honor of someone if you would like.
We are thankful for your help as are the children and families who are on the receiving end of your donations.

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  • Donations can be sent to: Cumberland Shooting Stars
    PO BOX 392
    Cumberland, WI 54829
  •    Contact Us:      Phone: 715-822-3577
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